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Nutrition, Exercise & Health
Posted on 6/15/2022 by Maggie Mackenzie
Health is an important aspect of our kidney kid community, because it is something we all can relate about. We’ve all been to appointments with medical professionals and had input about what we can do to improve our health and take care of ourselves. We won’t get into a bunch of specifics here, but we hope to draw your attention toward awareness. How much are we adhering to the recommendations made about our food and exercise choices, as well as our general health?

You may have been given a strict diet to stick to for your kidney disease. Everyone will have a different experience as they work toward modifying their diet toward the recommended foods. Most people still have areas of nutrition that could use fine-tuning, whether it’s eating less sugar or processed foods, or more diligently avoiding the foods your doctor points out. Taking inventory of your food choices should be a regular part of your self-awareness practice, as we all work toward improving our choices bit by bit. Ultimately, making nutrition and health a top priority is going to lead us toward a more fulfilled and healthy life.

Exercise is a part of that process too, even though it may look dramatically different for each person. We’ve all heard about the recommended amounts of exercise per week, and I’ll go out on a limb here that it’s just not realistic for most people in their current lifestyle. So what’s realistic for you and where you’re at right now? It may mean going for a ten minute walk several times a week or ideally, every day. It may mean spending a few hours every week at the gym, if your health permits. It could mean stretching for a few minutes every morning or doing some pushups before bed. Whatever your exercise practice is, keep moving! And take the time this month to think about how it is working for you and if you could bring more exercise into your life. When we move our bodies, so many positive things happen for our health. Oxygen exchange, release of endorphins, increased blood flow, boosting digestion and metabolism and the list goes on and on.

Understanding the huge impact of nutrition and exercise on your overall health is a good place to strart. How well do we know our bodies and how well are we caring for ourselves through these healthy choices? Check in with Northwest Kidney Kid staff to talk about where you’re at in your health journey. You can find us in our monthly Connect groups for youth 8-13 or for your older youth, the mentor program. If you’re a parent of a kidney kid, signing up for the parent mentor program can be a great way to learn more and hear another parent’s ideas and experiences. We want to include you in this rich community of support. We care about your health!
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"We are so grateful to NWKK for hosting kidney camp every year. It’s been an important part of building our support system on this journey. We love our NWKK family!"

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