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Northwest Kidney Kids
Empowering Kidney Kids for Lifelong Success
Empowering Children and their Families

By Providing Prevention Services, Educational Programs
and Social Activities

Northwest Kidney Kids, Inc. was founded in 2006 to provide support and education to children with chronic kidney disease and their family members. As the only program of its kind in Oregon, our mission is “to offer hope and support to children with chronic kidney disease and their families. We provide prevention services, educational programs and group activities that empower Kidney Kids to take charge of their health, embrace their future, and achieve lifelong success.”

NW Kidney Kids is in a unique position because we are the only organization with a focus on serving children and teens with chronic kidney disease and their families in the Northwest. Kidney disease presents a lifelong challenge. There is no cure. Children, teens and their families need vital tools to manage this chronic condition.

Mark Your Calendar!
2016 Toddler Children's Theatre Event Event for Toddlers and Siblings between ages 3- 6

Tenth Annual Ball & Auction Join us for an exciting evening celebrating tens years of support children with chronic kidney disease.

2016 Oaks Park Family Day Oaks Park Day for Kidney Kids and their families

Meet Helen.
One of our littlest kidney kids, Helen, is getting her kidney transplant
Helen, had been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in September 2013, shortly after moving from Anchorage to Medford, Oregon. Doctors recommended a kidney transplant to ensure her survival. In October 2015, Helen received a donated kidney from a living donor. She is currently staying in Portland with her family while she recovers. We look forward to seeing Helen and her family at camp next summer.

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